Mowing your lawn is really nothing more than walking behind a lawnmower. But, most people choose to have their grass cut by a landscaping service. Why? Well, most of us would rather use our weekends relaxing or connecting with friends and family. Why waste your time off cutting the grass, maintaining a lawnmower or bagging up clippings, when a professional landscaper can do it more efficiently?

Our service is the same.

Why go through all of your paperwork, research budgeting strategies, read financial article after article, when we can process all of that data into useful INFORMATION for you to make real personal financial decisions.

Sure, you can give yourself a manicure or a pedicure. But, most people choose to go to a salon and have it done. Why? A salon has professionals who are trained to care for your nails. Also, they have an ample supply of nail polishes and resources to do the job right.

WealthEdge® has all the supplies necessary to educate you on your financial health. But, unlike the nail salon, we don’t just take care of this FOR you, we help you gain the knowledge to work WITH you on the same financial team.

Why do most people get their coffee from a coffee shop? Because it is convenient. It saves you time in the morning to just grab that necessary cup o’ joe rather than brew it yourself.

This program is the same. It conveniently saves you the time in researching and evaluating your financial situation. Most importantly, you will gain the confidence to make some necessary financial decisions – independently or with your team.

All without the caffeine jitters!

Changing your oil isn’t all that difficult. You could research how to do it on the web, watch a few YouTube videos, and read your car manual. But, most people don’t change their own oil. Why? Perhaps it’s because their personal time is more valuable than the time it will take. Obviously, a professional mechanic has the space, the tools, the skills and the resources to do it more efficiently.

When you think about your financial situation, ask yourself if you’ve given it the same dedication and time as your car maintenance. Your answer might surprise you. Even though you could take the time to figure out your financial situation, you haven’t. But unlike your car, NO ONE is “looking under the hood”.

Some things are definitely worth the money.

Think of financial services in terms of technology.

If you remember flip-phones, you’ll understand.

You invest in the latest in mobile technology because it provides an efficient and valuable means of communication.  You wouldn’t expect a cheap “flip-phone” to provide quick and easy access to the Internet or to the many Apps you use every day.

Wealth Management is the same.

You wouldn’t expect a generic “cookie-cutter” firm to provide unique and detailed information specifically for you and your personal financial journey.

Let us be the efficient and valuable means of communication between you and your financial health.

You can work out without a personal trainer – many people do. But if you are serious about your overall health and want to learn the proper way to exercise (and minimize any injuries), a personal trainer is a sound investment.

A good personal trainer does more than just tell you what to do, they TEACH you how to move properly and how the right exercises can help you get your best results. Once you gain that skill set, you will never lose it.

This program is exactly the same. We won’t just tell you what to do to improve your financial situation; we will teach you WHY certain strategies work – giving you a personal financial skill set that you will never lose.

Are you ready to take the stage?

What is a Financial Accountability Partner?

Doing what needs to be done can sometimes fall by the wayside, even when the advice we receive is too important to ignore. It’s far too common and so we came up with a way to break the patterns that cause it.

We learned that some people need help understanding their own bigger picture and that it’s important to have someone there who understands not only the desired outcomes, but the willingness to help in developing habits that lead to lasting change.

We don’t judge

Who will guide you through the steps of financial accountability without judgement?

We’re here with you

Who will work WITH you to help you see that the financial decisions you make now will DIRECTLY affect your future?

We break it down

Who will answer any questions you may have without the usual financial jargon?

We speak both languages

Who can explain any financial terms that you may not understand – clearly and in plain English?

Overcome the fear

Think about a time in your life where you truly felt overwhelmed.   More often than not, these scenarios occur during a time of transition –where you are venturing into a stage of life that requires you to exhibit more responsibility and gain more independence.  Whatever that stressful and difficult situation may be for you personally, YOU OVERCAME THAT INITIAL FEAR, DEVELOPED A COURSE OF ACTION AND FOLLOWED THROUGH.

For many young professionals, financial topics invoke the same type of overwhelming fear.  SoundCheck will give you the tools you need to overcome that fear, develop a course of action and allow you to follow through and begin your journey to financial accountability and financial independence.