Welcome to Financial Accountability

We are proud to introduce a new program uniquely designed by our Wealth Management team to help young professionals, or anyone in a transitional stage of life, get their personal financial “house“ in order.

Think of us as a team of “roadies” preparing the stage for your big financial show.

Before any serious band takes the stage, they do a sound check to make sure that everything is in order for the big show. Well, your financial situation is the same… welcome to WealthEdge® SoundCheck – a program that will make sure that your financial situation is on a solid, SOUND foundation before YOUR big show.

There are few things in life
more stressful than having “The Talk” with your kids.

Whether you realize it or not, you use professional services all the time to cover tasks that you CAN do, but that a professional team can do MORE EFFICIENTLY. SoundCheck may be what you’re looking for as you get ready to take the stage.


SoundCheck is an on-going collaborative process and monthly relationship designed to help you get your financial house in order, preparing you for the future of managing your wealth.

SoundCheck offers an effective relationship that will help you reach your personal financial goals. We’re going to help you identify the small goals, the big goals and everything in between. Once identified, we’ll work directly with you in the coming months to make sure you get there the most efficient way. This is how we become your accountability partner.

*This is not a financial plan.

12 Month Subscription


Unlock access to your Financial Accountability Partner for 12 months

Consistent Value.
Consistent Progress.

  • Month 1

    This is where our relationship begins. We’ll start by having you gather some important documents and securely upload them to our server, then we will have a phone call to really listen to the things you want for yourself and help you address some of the concerns that brought you to us. Your SoundCheck coach will work closely with our team, putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Once we have everything organized and ready, we’ll set a date for a meeting either in person or by phone, where we can go through your situation and present the roadmap for what’s next.

  • Month 2

    This is where you get assigned some homework. You will have all the documents inside the folder we’ve given you containing some personalized recommendations and suggestions to move forward. You’re going to have questions, and this is where you get to ask your coach all of the things that you want to better understand. Your coach is going to have you break down the RECOMMENDATIONS we’ve given you into PRIORITIES. This step will allow us to create an outline over the outcomes we will be enjoying together in the coming months, identifying both long and short term goals as a measure of success. We will have weekly email check-ins and (1) 30 minute phone call to go over your progress.

  • Month 3

    This is where we will begin to see some results, based on your engagement & efforts and our financial know-how. This is a crucial month because as we connect via email each week, we will be able to have oversight into exactly what you’ve been successfully working on. Since you already established the highest priority items, we will be able to look closely at which ones we can start to knock off of that to-do list, and which ones can start to be put into action. Our monthly phone call is going to cover any questions you have as well as some of the things you need some additional help with.

  • Month 4 & Beyond

    This is when we will continue to work with you to reach your self-defined goals. Through periodic emails and monthly phone calls, we will offer any assistance and address any changes that may arise with your unique financial situation. We will continue to look at your goals – Are they being met/exceeded? Why or why not? We will help you see what you are doing right and what more needs to be done to help you make educated financial decisions. As you reach your goals, you will have a real tangible sense of accomplishment and you will be ready to tackle the next item on your financial to-do list.

What is a Financial Accountability Partner?

Doing what needs to be done can sometimes fall by the wayside, even when the advice we receive is too important to ignore. It’s far too common and so we came up with a way to break the patterns that cause it.

We learned that some people need help understanding their own bigger picture and that it’s important to have someone there who understands not only the desired outcomes, but the willingness to help in developing habits that lead to lasting change.

We don’t judge

Who will guide you through the steps of financial accountability without judgement?

We’re here with you

Who will work WITH you to help you see that the financial decisions you make now will DIRECTLY affect your future?

We break it down

Who will answer any questions you may have without the usual financial jargon?

We speak both languages

Who can explain any financial terms that you may not understand – clearly and in plain English?

The Approach

We go beyond the call of duty when it comes to preparing you for the right path forward in securing your earning potential.

We understand that financial situations can be complex and overwhelming at times. But, rather than trying to tell you what to do, we work WITH you to collaboratively conquer each financial situation over time. Rather than an upfront cost and potentially questionable long-term value – we offer this month to month commitment at a low price.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you will not receive a financial plan. In this particular program, we provide a centralized information packet that details all of your wealth management strengths and weaknesses. As you move forward in the program, your coach may arrange a meeting with one of our Certified Financial Planners to discuss becoming a Financial Planning client.

SoundCheck isn’t right for everyone. There are many people who handle everything themselves and have no trouble holding themselves accountable when it comes to important decisions. We would recommend these individuals directly to WealthEdge.

SoundCheck might be right for you if you know that there are important financial decisions to make and you don’t know where to begin. This is a great starting point.

The subscription is billed automatically every 30 days from your specific start date.